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Like Us Beyonce Is Just Crazy In Love With The Season

As a vital cog in one of the bestselling girl groups of all time, Destiny’s Child, Beyonce Knowles recorded a Christmas album called ‘8 Days of Christmas’ in 2001. The album was a huge success selling over 2 million copies worldwide and was praised for its successful R&B update of classic Christmas material such as ‘Silent Night’, ‘Little Drummer Boy’ and ‘Do You Hear What I Hear’. The album also contained 4 original tracks which were all co-written by Beyonce. The title track ‘8 Days of Christmas’ was one of them and it sported an urban savviness that recalled ‘The Twelve Day of Christmas’. There’s no doubting that it was slick but it probably lacked a catchy Christmas sound. ‘Winter Paradise’ was a lot more laidback and worked better as a Christmas song for this very reason, especially when the girls harmonies kicked in. ‘Opera of the Bells’ was for all and intents and purposes an update of ‘Carol of the Bells’ but with plenty of contemporary zeal to appeal to Destiny Child’s huge audience. ‘Spread a Little Love on Christmas Day’ was a true original, all glitchy beats and flitting vocals and it provided an early taste of how the new century was going to take Christmas music off in lots of interesting directions.

By 2005 Destiny’s Child were no more with Beyonce already on her way to a hugely successful solo career. Unfortunately her Christmas output more or less stalled apart from a startling appearance at the 2005 Oscars with Josh Groban for a duet of his song ‘Believe’. The song was nominated for an Oscar and although it didn’t win the performance on the night left no one in doubt as to its overwhelming emotional power and that of its singers.


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Beyonce And Josh Groban Believe
Destinys Child 8 Days Of Christmas
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