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The Little Drummer Boy
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Joy To The World
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Jingle Bells
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Zion's Daughter
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O Christmas Tree (O Tannenbaum)
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The First Noel
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White Christmas
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Factfile - Boney M.
  • Mary's Boy Child – Oh My Lord topped the UK Christmas charts in 1978 and has sold nearly 2 million copies. When the song's author, Jester Hairston, heard of this success, he said: "God bless my soul. That's tremendous for an old fogey like me".
  • Christmas Album, was released in 1981 from which they released 3 singles: Mary's Boy Child - Oh My Lord, Little Drummer Boy, Zion's Daughter.

Boney M. were a curious confection of handpicked model singers directed by a wunderkind producer by the name of Frank Farian who often sang on Boney M.’s records. If you’ve ever been to a wedding you’ll know who Boney M. are, thanks in a large part to the ubiquitous nature of the biggest ever hit ‘The Rivers of Babylon’. If that wedding was taking place at Christmas it is quite likely that the savvy DJ will have switched ‘The Rivers of Babylon’ to ‘Mary’s Boy Child – Oh My Lord’ which was the groups second biggest hit ever.

‘Mary’s Boy Child – Oh My Lord’ (released in 1978) was the group’s first foray into the Christmas market and though it had an overtly religious theme it still danced to Boney M.’s renowned disco style. And it proved to be the centrepiece on the group’s first Christmas LP, simply called ‘Christmas Album’, which came out in 1981. It is to the credit of Farian’s prodigies’ that parts of ‘Christmas Album’ veered off road. Like opener ‘Little Drummer Boy’ which is entirely how you’d expect it, not a disco beat in sight, just a gorgeously put together percussion led homily. ‘White Christmas’ is similarly low key although it does sling a reggae curveball on the minute mark to offer some solace to those who must make do with Christmas on the beach rather than behind closed doors and the biting temperatures outside. ‘Feliz Navidad’ was more representative of the classic Boney M. sound and after ‘Christmas Album’ respectful opening it does make for a fine change in tempo. There are plenty of other festive treats to be found elsewhere on ‘Christmas Album’ with ‘Zion’s Daughter’ initially adopting a gospel approach before unloading the dancefloor filling Boney M. template and the expertly interpreted ‘When A Child Is Born’. The latter still gets plenty of airplay each year.

Boney M. did record the bones of a follow-up to ‘Christmas Album’ in 1984 but ‘Christmas With Boney M.’ only received a limited geographical release. As it happened fans of the band needn’t have worried though as 2 years later the new songs from that album would appear on what was largely a Christmas remix compilation called ‘The 20 Greatest Christmas Songs’. The album was no quick gimmick however as it included contributions from the London Philharmonic Orchestra. Of the new songs ‘O Tannenbaum (Oh Christmas Tree’)’ and ‘Joy To The World’ were slight affairs but with Farian’s guidance they had a certain style of their own. ‘The First Noel’ and ‘Oh Come All Ye Faithful’ both sound a tad dated now but are saved by a celestial quality that lifts them above the ordinary. The success of Boney M. Christmas albums meant that producer Frank Farian would repeat the remix trick several times in the shape of ‘The Most Beautiful Christmas Songs of the World’ (1992) and ‘A Wonderful Christmas Time’ (1998). ‘The Most Beautiful Christmas Songs of the World’ was the more successful of these two albums and spawned a Christmas megamix of ‘Mary’s Boy Child’ that resulted in a big UK hit.

Long time ago in Bethlehem,
so the Holy Bible said,
Mary's boy child Jesus Christ,
was born on Christmas Day.
Hark, now hear the angels sing,
a king was born today
Harry Belafonte, Mary's Boy Child – Oh My Lord

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Boney M Christmas Album
Boney M Little Drummer Boy
Boney M Mary's Boy Child
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