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Driving Home For Christmas With Chris Rea

Factfile - Chris Rea
  • Driving Home for Christmas was released in 1988 and then re-released in 2009 with all proceeds going to the Shelter charity.
  • Rea said Driving Home for Christmas is a "car version of a carol". He wrote the song many years before he first recorded it when he was stuck in traffic leaving London, returning home to Middlesborough with his wife for Christmas.

Northern English singer Chris Rea is ostensibly known for his ‘Driving Home For Christmas’ which is probably the definitive driving song for those who are journeying to their homestead in the run up to Christmas. It’s happy demeanour and copious use of sleigh bells makes it a perennial favourite. The song was originally released in 1988 but it made a grand re-entrance 21 years later with all proceeds going to the homeless charity Shelter. ‘Driving Home For Christmas’ embodies much of what is great about Christmas music in that it fosters the joy of shared experience as Rea looks across to the driver next to him and realises that they are both feeling the inner glow as they make their way home for the holidays.

Rea was not a newcomer by any means to Christmas music by the time ‘Driving Home For Christmas’ arrived because the year before (1987) he had released ‘Joys of Christmas’. While it lacked the warmth of its successor with Rea reflecting on the grimly realistic reality of a northern Christmas it offers a mirror on a side of Christmas that most people choose to ignore.  In 1989 Rea joined a huge cast of artists of the day who re-recorded Band Aid’s ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas’ on the 5th anniversary of its original release. Rea was charged with reprising the section that Paul Young had originally sung featuring the words ‘at Christmas time, we let in light and we banish shade’. You don’t hear this version too often it must be said as the 1984 original has burnt too strongly into the psyche.

In 1991 Rea would partially return to seasonal duties with his ‘Winter Song’ which was not strictly about Christmas but it has such an affecting presence it neatly fits in alongside the chestnuts we dine out on each December.


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Chris Rea Driving Home For Christmas
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