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Gretchen Wilson, Elvis Presley - Merry Christmas, Baby
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The Redneck Woman Meets The Red Suited Man

Country singer Gretchen Williams may be best known for her 2004 monster hit ‘Redneck Woman’ but in 2013 she is readying an album of Christmas songs that could yet overhaul her signature song. There is not many details about Wilson’s proposed Christmas album apart from the fact that it will arrive in October and will be her third full LP in 2013.

Wilson has some Christmas form to date and the lyrics to ‘Redneck Woman’ even reference the season when she sang ‘And I keep my Christmas lights on, On my front porch all year long’. Hmm an even bigger Christmas fan than us! While that was certainly sang tongue-in-cheek she went overtly festive on her 2008 duet with Elvis on the 8 minutes plus bluesy ramble ‘Merry Christmas, Baby’. For those of you scratching your heads given the King’s death in 1977 it is worth remembering that technology can allow such things to happen, and in this case quite seamlessly. While Elvis’ vocals are prominent Wilson subtly adds her own to make for a memorable bar room exchange.

After the classy rhythm and blues canter of ‘Merry Christmas, Baby’ Gretchen tipped the scales completely in the other direction for her 2010 version of Gayla Peevey’s 1953 classic ‘I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas’. While the omens weren’t good for this coming together it is to Wilson’s credit that the song is an atogether fun effort, made all the more special when she is joined by a youthful cast of backing singers towards the end. Interestingly Wilson did little to alter the artwork that had been used by Peevey almost 60 years previously.


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Gretchen Wilson I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas
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