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When All You Want To Do Over The Holidays Is Just Dance

For most people the season affords an opportunity to drop the theatrics for a couple of days and just be human for a change. Lady Gaga doesn’t play by those rules however and her 2008 download single (and Christmas debut) ‘Christmas Tree’ proved to be another chance to upset the applecart by turning ‘Deck The Halls’ into something resembling a thinly veiled diary of a sexual encounter. Not that her fans will have noticed nor have cared as the heavily sequenced and vocoder heavy ‘Christmas Tree’ could be seen as bringing an old carol into the new century. With help from rapper Space Cowboy there is also a nod to ‘The Little Drummer Boy’ but quite what an innocent like he would be doing in such a compromising situation is really open to question.

In 2011 Gaga set the record a little straighter when she played ‘White Christmas’ in a most traditional way on her live EP (recorded at the Convent of the Sacred Heart in New York) called ‘A Very Gaga Holiday’. With a little bit of jabber the flamboyant singer introduced an extra verse to Irving Berlin’s classic and with a smooth jazz accompaniment this particular ‘White Christmas’ is a minor triumph. Only ‘White Christmas’ could be seen as a festive number on this 4 track release but it did signal Gaga’s intention to continue plying us with Christmas gifts.

By 2013 the Lady had gone gaga for the season thanks to her lead role in the TV production ‘The Muppets' Holiday Spectacular’. As well as being a ratings winner the Muppets did everything in their power to get the singer to turn her attention to holiday classics. This they did on ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’ when she linked up with actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt for a typically schmoozy duet. Sadly she was gazumped by a prickly Miss Piggy for ‘Santa Baby’ but you can’t get everything you want each Christmas can you?

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