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White Christmas
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It Won't Seem Like Christmas
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Hey Santa! You Better Check If You Are On Loretta's Good List This Year!

This daughter of a coalminer can certainly mine the depths of human emotion. Known as the 'First Lady of Country Music' Loretta Lynn is the embodiment of the lonely/broken heart so often at the core of country music's output. With albums like 'When the Tingle Becomes a Chill' in her locker you just know that she is not afraid to expose the underbelly of failed romance or the reality that relationships that promise so much often descend into something a lot less appetising. And it is this characteristic that so illuminates Lynn's one and only Christmas album ‘A Country Christmas’.

Like so much of her vast catalogue 1966's 'A Country Christmas' contains plenty of material that Lynn wrote herself. Chief amongst them is the album's main single 'To Heck With Ole Santa Claus'. It really is funny stuff listening to Lynn put people in their place, even the big man in red, especially on tracks as obviously direct as 'I Won't Decorate Your Christmas Tree' that she co-wrote. Elsewhere she gives old favourites 'Silver Bells', 'White Christmas' and 'Frosty The Snowman' her own individual stamp which should be a boon for those sick of tired rehashes of these festive staples. Listening now the album still sounds remarkably fresh, with clean production, spunky attitude from our hero and some very able backing vocals from Loretta’s male/female back up team. ‘A Country Christmas’ is an absolute gem of an album that would brighten up any festive gathering you care to mention.

It would almost be 2 further decades before Loretta got her teeth into another Christmas number but this time she meant well with her respectful and fuss free rendition of ‘The First Noel’. The song appeared on a hard to find 1985 compilation called 'Tennessee Christmas' that also featured the likes of Brenda Lee, Reba McEntire, Jimmy Buffett and the Oak Ridge Boys. Let's hope 'A Country Christmas' is not the last of Loretta's Christmas albums and that the various reports indicating that she has another Christmas album fully recorded are true. It has yet to see the light of day but given the power and singularity of her earlier effort this is one festive album that we are truly looking forward to hearing.

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