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A Winters Tale
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Queen, Anita Dobson - I Dream Of Christmas
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Factfile - Queen
  • Thank God It's Christmas was written by Brian May (huitarist) & Roger Taylor (drummer) in 1984. It peaked at #21 in the UK charts.
  • In the UK A Winter's Tale was available in a limited edition green paper case which resembled Christmas wrapping paper.
  • In a Rolling Stone poll of the best Christmas songs of all time, Thank God It's Christmas was voted 3rd.

Unfortunately a detailed examination of Queen's anthem filled back catalogue does not uncover any forgotten Christmas gems. None of quartet made an appearance on 'Do They Know It's Christmas' which is entirely odd given the performance they gave the following summer at Live Aid. We do of course have 1984's Thank God It's Christmas which in itself a powerful example of what the English band were capable of. But that's it apart from an album track from Queen's post Freddie Mercury's death album 'Made In Heaven'. Whether 'A Winter's Tale' (no relation to the David Essex track of the same name) can legitimately be called a Christmas track is very much open to question but that didn't stop Queen's record label from giving it a Christmas present styled cover in late 1995.

Unlike most of Queen's most well-known material 'Thank God It's Christmas' was written not by Freddie Mercury but by Roger Taylor, the drummer in the band. When it came to the actual record though Mercury rules the roost as ever with the slightly leaden percussion offering no resistance to his soaring vocals. 'Thank God It's Christmas' didn't make the cut for any of Queen's albums and there was never a video filmed but despite all this it has earned its place on the most played songs every Christmas. This could be down to the fact that it's Queen or the result of Freddie's endorsement of the season or just maybe because it is a plain old star of a seasonal frolic.

Before 'Thank God It's Christmas' was released in 1984 it had been vying with the Brian May penned 'I Dream of Christmas' for Queen Christmas song. Taylor's 'Thank God It's Christmas' won that argument but 'I Dream of Christmas' did resurface in 1987 as a Brian May single with Anita Dobson on vocals. 'I Dream of Christmas' has a pleasant sing along demeanour but is no match for the Mercury led 'Thank God It's Christmas'.


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Queen A Winters Tale
Queen I Dream Of Christmas (Anita Dobson)
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