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Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
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Christmas In Tunisia
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Christmas Time Is Here
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Merry Xmas Everybody
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Parade of The Wooden Soldiers
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Ghost Reindeer In The Sky
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Jesus Christ
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Silver Bells
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Christmas Griping
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Good King Wenceslas
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Christmas Duets & Collaborations
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R.E.M., Mike Mills, Sally Ellyson - Jesus Christ
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Christmas Music Playlists with R.E.M. Songs

Christmas Songs For Shiny Happy People

Factfile - R.E.M.
  • R.E.M. sent their fan club members a 2-song record each Christmas from 1988 to 2011.
  • On many tracks, other members of the band performed vocals (replacing Michael Stipe).
  • The singles were limited edition (6000 copies pressed) for fan club only - with many of them on coloured vinyl, making them extremely collectable.
  • There is speculation that the singles could be released as a charity box set in 2013.

Although you won’t be able to track them down easily (or without a wallet busting trip to ebay) R.E.M. remain of the most Christmasised rock bands out there. From the getgo they rewarded their fan club members with a 2-song piece of vinyl each Christmas from 1988 all the way to 2011 (the year R.E.M. officially broke up). While you could call the singles an odds and ends exercise many contained Christmas songs, both old and new and often with a sarcastic bent. And a good deal of the Christmas songs deviated from the Atlanta band's signature sound by replacing Michael Stipe on vocals with other members of the band.

R.E.M.’s Christmas catalogue began way back in 1988 when they recorded a short version of ‘Deck The Halls’ which included a Christmas message from the band. ‘Deck The Halls’ was included on an impressive Christmas compilation from Warner records called ‘Warner Wonderland’. 1988 also say the first fanclub single emerge with the band tackling ‘Parade of The Wooden Soldiers’ in a somewhat haphazard way, using what sounds like plastic instruments and a thin set of vocal interactions. Thankfully this was as poor as it got and throughout the years R.E.M. stepped up to the Christmas plate.

1990’s ‘Ghost Reindeer In The Sky’ may have reworked Burl Ives 1949 ‘Riders In The Sky’ but it did so with a glint in its eye making it the perfect Christmas novelty record. The following year they contributed a snarky ‘Christmas Griping’ to their growing collection of festive songs. They set the record straight with ‘Toyland’ in 1992 which was earnest in its depiction of the much loved mystical land. Mick Mills has a peculiarly country sounding vocal which meant that when the band tackled ‘Silver Bells’ he fitted the bill to perfection. He would take on many of the vocal duties for R.E.M’s remaining Christmas songs including a classy version of ‘Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)’ in 2010 and Big Star’s ‘Jesus Christ’ in 2006.  2000’s ‘Christmastime Is Here (Again)’ is a cover of another fanclub only release, this time from the Beatles 1967 equivalent (on flexi-disc!) – an obscurity created from the auspices of obscurity.

R.E.M’s Fanclub Singles – The Christmas Years

1988: Deck The Halls & Parade of The Wooden Soldiers
1989: Good King Wenceslas
1990: Ghost Reindeer In The Sky
1991: Christmas Griping
1992: Toyland
1993: Silver Bells & Christmas Time Is Here
1994: Christmas In Tunisia
2000: Christmas Time (Is Here Again)
2002: Jesus Christ
2006: Jesus Christ (this time with Mike Mills and Sally Ellyson)
2007: Merry Xmas Everybody
2009: Santa Baby
2010: Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

Within the magic kingdom, There's a lot of wonderful and beautiful places, But the most beautiful and exciting of them all, Is where the little ones find their greatest happiness, In toyland...
REM, Toyland (1992)

R.E.M. Christmas Album & Single Covers

R.E.M. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
R.E.M. Christmas Griping
R.E.M. Christmas In Tunisia
R.E.M. Christmas Time Is Here
R.E.M. Ghost Reindeer In The Sky
R.E.M. Good King Wenceslas
R.E.M. Jesus Christ (Mike Mills And Sally Ellyson)
R.E.M. Jesus Christ
R.E.M. Merry Xmas Everybody
R.E.M. Only In America
R.E.M. Parade Of Wooden Soldiers
R.E.M. Santa Baby
R.E.M. Silver Bells
R.E.M. Toyland
R.E.M. Wheres Captain Kirk
R.E.M. Wicked Game
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