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Factfile - Rihanna
  • Rihanna recorded It Just Don't Feel Like Xmas (Without You) for the 2006 compilation Now That's What I Call Christmas 3.
  • In 2010 she followed this with her cover of A Child Is Born which appeared as the first track of Now That's What I Call Christmas 4. The Now! compilation peaked at #28 on the Billboard charts in that year.

Rihanna is one of the biggest female artists of the 21st century and despite a growing list of albums she has yet to be truly bitten by the Christmas bug. Albums such ‘Music of the Sun’, ‘Rated R’ and ‘Unapologetic’ were never likely to harbour anything in the least bit festive so to date we’ve had to make do with two standalone Christmas songs that Rihanna recorded for the ‘Now That’s What I Call Christmas’ compilation series. Rihanna’s version of ‘It Just Don't Feel Like Xmas (Without You)’ was nestled amongst other contemporary artists such as Christina Aguilera and Jessica Simpson on CD2 of the 2-CD collection ‘Now That’s What I Call Christmas 3’ which came out in 2006. On the other CD were Christmas favourites from Nat King Cole, Judy Garland and Andy Williams and the combination of old and new offered a nice festive balance.

‘It Just Don't Feel Like Xmas (Without You)’ was an original Christmas composition which initially starts out all acoustic before adopting an urban beat that offers a distracting counterpoint to Rihanna’s touching performance. But no matter how downbeat the singer attempts to sound in the absence of her pretend love it remains a sparkling turn from the soon to become very famous singer.

‘A Child Is Born’ was written by New Yorkers Carl Sturken and Evan Rogers, who had previously worked with Rihanna on her debut album, and gave us one of those rare commodities, a reggae Christmas song. Given that Rihanna comes from Barbados it didn’t take a lot for her to turn on the dreadlock vibes and ‘A Child Is Born’ ended up a pretty little ditty. It was the opening track on ‘Now That’s What I Call Christmas 4’ which like its predecessor successfully mixed well known Christmas standards with fresh new yuletide offerings.


Rihanna Christmas Album & Single Covers

Rihanna A Child Is Born
Rihanna Now Thats What I Call Christmas 3 I Just Dont Feel Like Christmas Without You
Rihanna Now Thats What I Call Christmas 4 A Child Is Born
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