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Factfile - Spice Girls
  • Both of their Christmas songs arrived as covers on b-sides; Leroy Anderson's Sleigh Ride (1996 single '2 Becomes 1') and the Waitresses' Christmas Wrapping (1998 single 'Goodbye').
  • Their version of Christmas Wrapping contained anglicised lyrics - "Tesco has provided me with the world's smallest turkey..."

The Spice Girls were a hugely popular British girl band from the mid 1990’s to the turn of the century and are best known for their debut single ‘Wannabe’. Although their brash energy would have been perfect for a Christmas album they never got around to it, but who is to say that one of their many reunions doesn’t yield something festive of note. Thankfully the girls did record 2 Christmas songs in the late 1990’s. The first came on an alternate version of the 1996 single ‘2 Becomes 1’ which included their take on ‘Sleigh Ride’, which was not an all too surprising inclusion given that the single was released in December. Leroy Anderson’s song has been covered so many times but with the Spice Girls at the peak of their Girl Power antics not many could match their version for attitude and pizazz. The cover is spliced with lots of chatty passages which means that the band given it their own unique touch. But for all that it sounds a little underproduced, which is surprising given their fame and undoubted resources at the time.

It would be 2 Christmases later before the Spice Girls tackled another Christmas song and this time it came in the shape of a cover of the Waitresses classic ‘Christmas Wrapping’. Their take was released as a b-side to their 1998 single 'Goodbye' and incorporated some lyrical changes to personalise the Spice Girls experience. Interestingly the song sounds a little flat which could be down to the fact that only Mel C and Emma Bunton recorded vocals. Geri Halliwell had left the band in May of 1998 and the other 2 Spice Girls, Victoria Beckham and Mel B, were heavily pregnant at recording time.


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Spice Girls Christmas Wrapping (Goodbye Single)
Spice Girls Sleigh Ride
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