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Ave Maria
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One Little Christmas Tree
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The Christmas Song
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This Christmas
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What Christmas Means To Me
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Merry Christmas Baby
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Stevie Wonder, Kimberly Brewer - I Love You More
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Justin Bieber, Stevie Wonder - Someday At Christmas
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Justin Bieber, Stevie Wonder - The Christmas Song
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It's The Most Wonder-ful Time of The Year

Factfile - Stevie Wonder
  • When Stevie Wonder was only 4 he received a harmonica and set of toy drums from his uncle as a Christmas present.
  • Someday at Christmas was released in 1967 under Motown Records.
  • The title track carried a social message and was written by Ron Miller & Bryan Wells during the time of the Vietnam war. It has been covered by Diana Ross, The Jackson 5, Justin Bieber, Jack Johnson and Mary J. Blige amongst others - and both Ross & Bieber have performed the song live for the US president.

Undoubtedly one of the artists of the 20th Stevie Wonder continues to write and record to this day. His output with the Motown record label remains his lasting legacy and it was during this purple patch that his 1967 Christmas album ‘Someday At Christmas’ arrived. With a title track that has been covered/performed by such luminaries as the Jackson 5, Diana Ross and erm Justin Bieber (Bieber's famous FLASHBACK tweet of October 2011 included a link to a video of his 13 year old self impressively belting out a live version of ‘Someday At Christmas’) this LP was Stevie’s great ode to the season of goodwill. While the album featured wonder-ful version of old favourites like ‘Silver Bells’, ‘The Christmas Song’ and ‘Little Drummer Boy’ there was so much more to savour that rarely get the airplay they deserve during December. ‘One Little Christmas Tree’ for example is a wide-eyed tale of a Christmas tree that nobody wants to bring home. It is affecting and a nice companion piece to Adam Faith’s equally lonely little pup. While it’s easy to see Wonder for his ‘Sir Duke’ persona there is plenty of quiet numbers on ‘Someday At Christmas’ to prove he was just at home with a melancholy ballad. ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Me’ and ‘A Warm Little Home On A Hill’ certainly fit that category but both will find a natural berth as the family gather around the fire on Christmas Eve. In truth the most memorable numbers on ‘Someday At Christmas’ are the ones with a twinkle in their eye and a jig in their step so ‘What Christmas Means To Me’ which closes the album has rightly ascended to the top table of perennial Christmas songs.

‘Someday At Christmas’ was reissued in 2001 as 'Merry Christmas' and again in 2003 but this time it included 2 further hard-to-find tracks. ‘The Miracles of Christmas’ had originally featured as a b-side to the single release of the album’s title track but is deserving of its place on an album release. A bigger curiosity is ‘Eveyone’s A Kid At Christmas’ which was not included on the original album and subsequently never released which is odd given its yuletide glow and universal Christmas theme. ‘Someday At Christmas’ is not universally hailed by fans of Stevie Wonder but for the rest of us it is another album from the Motown canon that we can turn as soon as the clocks turn 00:01 on December 1st.

  Someday at Christmas
there’ll be no wars,
When we have learned what Christmas is for, When we have found what life's really worth, There'll be peace on earth...
Stevie Wonder, Someday at Christmas

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Stevie Wonder Someday At Christmas Rerelease
Stevie Wonder Someday At Christmas
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