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Christmas In L.A.
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Don't Shoot Me Santa
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¡Happy Birthday Guadalupe!
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A Great Big Sled
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I Feel It In My Bones
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Joseph, Better You Than Me
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The Cowboys' Christmas Ball
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Turn Into Mr. Brightside This Christmas With The Killers

Factfile - The Killers
  • The Killers have released Christmas songs as one-off singles each December going back to 2006:

    2006 : A Great Big Sled (with Toni Halliday)
    2007 : Don’t Shoot Me Santa
    2008 : Joseph, Better You Than Me (with Elton John & Neil Tennant)
    2009 : ¡Happy Birthday Guadalupe!
    2010 : Boots
    2011 : The Cowboys' Christmas Ball
    2012 : I Feel It In My Bones

Not sure they are ever going to write anything as devastating as ‘Mr. Brightside’ again but songs that good don’t come along very often. The Brandon Flowers led Las Vegas band started out all indie and hip but can now rely on the popular mainstream to fill their stadium tours. The quality of their output has inevitably dipped but we’re not ones to bicker given that the Killers have a distinct tendency for recording original Christmas songs. Like a ‘cold fuss’ of sorts each December!

The Killers festive songs have tended to appear as one off singles each December which culminated in a charity compilation in 2011 called ‘(Red) Christmas’ which gathered all 6 of the bands Christmas recordings from 2006 to 2011. The first in the series came out for Christmas 2006, was produced by the legendary Alan Moulder and featured vocals from ex-Curve frontwoman Toni Halliday. It may have missed an immediate hook but ‘A Great Big Sled’ was still a decent offering from the popular act. 2007’s ‘Don’t Shoot Me Santa’ was much better with a distinctive chorus and an appearance from an Elvis sounding Santa (so that’s where he went). The following year ‘Joseph, Better You Than Me’ was another memorable composition with the band joined at various points by Elton John and Neil Tennant of the Pet Shop Boys. While it may have lacked the bounce of previous efforts this was an undeniably warm collaborative effort, uniquely told from the point of view of Jesus’ father Joseph.

By 2009 the Killers had carved out a lovely Christmas tradition for themselves in the form of a new Christmas song every December. And that years entry ‘¡Happy Birthday Guadalupe!’ had the gorgeous feel of the Polyphonic Spree set to a Mexican backdrop. The video to promote the song featured Luke Perry of 90’s teen TV show Beverly Hills, 90210 fame. A year later and the Killers again leaned on a Christmas heirloom, this time in the shape of ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’. ‘Boots’ starts out with a decidedly downbeat outlook before it flowers (much like its frontman) into a joyful celebration of the season, church bells and all. The final entry on ‘(Red) Christmas’ compilation was the Killers 2011 Christmas song ‘The Cowboys' Christmas Ball’ which was lyrically based on a poem from the 19th century by William Lawrence Chittenden. This was a million miles from the songs on the band’s debut album ‘Hot Fuss’ and though it had some worth as a catch-your-partner-by-the-hand routine it represented the weakest of the Killers Christmas series.

All was forgiven, however, in 2012 because ‘I Feel It In My Bones’ saw the Killers go back to what they do best. Namely a Christmas song with a centrepiece involving a chorus you could sing along to. This proved to the Killers 7th consecutive seasonal release and once again all proceeds from its sales went to various AIDS charities.

I think it rides a line between Christmas and a 'Battle Born' track, but you'd be surprised what sleigh bells can do to a song!
Ronnie Vannucci, on 'I Feel It In My Bones'

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The Killers A Great Big Sled
The Killers Boots
The Killers Dont Shoot Me Santa
The Killers Happy Birthday Guadalupe
The Killers I Feel It In My Bones
The Killers Joseph Better You Than Me
The Killers Red Christmas EP
The Killers The Cowboys Christmas Ball
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