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Last Christmas (Pudding Mix)
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Factfile - Wham!
  • Last Christmas was the biggest selling single in the UK not to get to number 1.
  • Wham! donated all royalties from their hit to Band Aid charity appeal.
  • Last Christmas spent has spent 94 weeks in the German singles chart.

With the exception of a ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas’ here or a ‘Pipes of Peace’ there Christmas music videos are almost universally hopeless. And even though Wham’s ‘Last Christmas’ might be as cheesy as they come it’s still the one that everyone loves watching each December (35 million views on youtube and counting!). The snow, the log cabin, the romantic tension and the eventual heart-breaking denouement is a hypnotic mix that is expertly shepherded by the Wham boys, George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley. ‘Last Christmas’ has been in the premiership of Christmas songs since its release in 1984 and will undoubtedly be sitting at the top table for decades to come. It sold well over a million copies in the year it was released but was denied the Christmas number 1 by the aforementioned ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’ by Band Aid. Like all Christmas classic’s ‘Last Christmas’ hasn’t aged in the least, it’s sprightly clean production lacks the tinny sound that so characterised so much music from the 1980’s. And with those sleighbells present throughout it didn’t really matter that George Michael sang as if his heart was genuinely in turmoil. ‘Last Christmas’ was backed up by ‘Everything She Wants’ on the B-side, another winning effort that ensured that the single had longevity long after the ski-lifts had stopping carrying star-crossed lovers in Spring 1985. Wham enjoyed a brief but tumultuous career as a band and ‘Last Christmas’ was the only time they made a Christmas record. That said George Michael would return to the season as a solo artist many years later with 2008’s ‘December Song (I Dreamed of Christmas)’.


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Wham! Last Christmas
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