New Christmas Songs for 2014

Christmas 2014 has a job on its hands if it is to surpass or even rival 2013 for its festive music goods. But even at this stage of the year things look very promising indeed with the advent of several heavy hitters on the Christmas album market. Listed below are our tips for 2014’s biggest holiday albums and songs:

Family Guy writer Seth McFarlane is following his debut album with a Christmas affair called ‘Holiday For Swing’ which will have the likes of Sara Bareilles and Norah Jones on board for several duets.

Famous saxophone player Dave Koz will be releasing his 5th holiday album for Christmas 2014 with big name collaborators in the shape of Stevie Wonder, Gloria Estefan and India.Arie.

The voice of ‘Frozen’ Idina Menzel has plenty of ‘Holiday Wishes’ on her mind for December’s celebrations with the album’s main single ‘December Prayer’ due for release any day now.

Michael W. Smith is no stranger to Christmas albums and his ‘The Spirit of Christmas’ will undoubtedly be another lush affair with attention to yuletide detail being the order of the day. Smith will have a host of friends joining him on the album including Bono, Carrie Underwood and 80’s legend Michael McDonald.

Kristin Chenoweth who starred alongside Idina Menzel in ‘Wicked’ and ‘Glee’ is also rumoured to be releasing a Christmas album this year with her best compilation called ‘Coming Home’ also due for release.

LeAnn Rimes’ second Christmas album ‘One Christmas’ will see the light of day just before the holidays this year. The album was recorded in the stifling summer heat of L.A. but that hasn’t stopped this bell laden opus from ever sounding less than a celestial affair.

Jimmy Wayne has been singing his Christmas song ‘Paper Angels’ since 2004 but a movie of the same name is due for screening in November and it will come with 2 brand new Christmas originals from the country singer.

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