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Although it seems like we are inexorably moving to the internet for our music listening pleasures the role of traditonal radio remains an important one. And the very fact that radio requires very little effort on our behalf means that it will remain pivotal in a music delivery capacity. So while we work on making Yuleplay a one-stop-shop for all your online Christmas music needs there are an abundant of FM radio stations around the world that put Christmas at the very essence of their existence. What follows is a list of the best known and well respected traditional Christmas radio stations around the globe. Many have an online stream so the geographical challenges of tuning in are for the most part a thing of the past.


Christmas FM does exactly what you’d expect it to do each end of year and the best thing is that it raises hundreds of thousands of money for charity each year.


Come December 1st the small town of Amersham in Buckinghamshire is blessed with its own Christmas Radio station on the FM. Radio Christmas is run by an army of volunteers and delights the population in the run up to Christmas every year.

Smooth Radio has some well known DJ’s like Simon Bates playing Christmas songs in the build up to the big day. It can be picked up on DAB digital radio in the UK but also exists online.


Hard to believe but there are over 400 radio stations in the USA set up exclusively to play Christmas music.

Chicago’s 93.9 My FM goes Christmas 24 hours a day from mid-November until December 26th and in the process quadruples its listenership.

Indiana’s 107.1 runs a similar schedule for the final 2 months of the year where their usual programming stops and jingle bells become the norm.

As soon as Halloween’s end a Chattanooga radio station called 981 The Legend switches its entire programming to Christmas music.

Portland’s Charlie FM goes all Christmas in early November and doesn’t turn its back on the season of goodwill until the end of December.

New York’s 106.7 FM drops its normal schedule right after Thankgiving and features a diet of Bing and his Christmas mates from then on it for the rest of the year.

L.A.’s The Wave is obsessed with with Christmas which must be very comforting for those baking under that endless sun.

Pittsburgh’s 93.5 3WS hit the Christmas schedule as the Autumn leaves begin to fall and stay transfixed with festive audio until the big day arrives.


Christmas Channel operates out of Hamburg with its traditional Christmas markets and this on in the background it must make for Christmas bliss.

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