It's That Time of Year Again, Happy Christmas in July!

Christmas in July might not be quite as popular as Christmas in December but for some people it offers the chance to celebrate the season, well, er, out of season. Christmas in July has emerged as an event all of its own thanks to a number of reasons. The first being the complete and utter madness of celebrating an event that is so dominantly characterised by snow and wintry weather at a time when the mercury levels are at their highest. Secondly and much easier to understand is the fact that in the Southern Hemisphere the seasons/temperatures are in reverse to those of their Northern counterparts. So while London may bask in plenty of sun baked days during July Melbourne may have to cope with ground frost and the need to add an extra layer before leaving the house.

As the clamour to celebrate Christmas at extremely unseasonably times continues to grow we’ve decided to list the biggest events around the world that have put Christmas in July firmly on the calendar each year.

By far the biggest Christmas in July celebration takes place in the snowy Blue Mountains, a couple of hours drive outside of Sydney, Australia. With its roots in an impromptu celebration of Christmas as the first snowfalls began in 1980 (by a group of Irish people pining for home) this festival has turned into a massive party each year and has been given the title of Yulefest. Festivities include lavish Christmas dinners with Christmas music shows each night during the month of July and even into August. Australian’s have been known to call the colder July months half-Christmas and in doing so they must offer hope for those of us counting down the days for the real thing..

In Northern Europe the Danes appear to be the biggest Christmas enthusiasts as their build up to December begins as early as July as the city of Bakken hosts the World Santa Claus Congress. As crazy as this seems the congress attracts real life Santa’s from all over the world to discuss Santa issues of the deal in order to create a support network for these important gentlemen in society. And before you roll around on the ground laughing this congress has been on the go since the middle of the 20th century so these red-cheeked men certainly mean business! And to celebrate all participating Santa's take part in the events around the Congress to create a genuine Christmas in July atmosphere.

North Carolina celebrates a full day of Christmas in July events a few days after Independence Day, including displays of traditional crafts and copious amounts of cranberry sauce.

Christmas is also celebrated in July in Antarctica at the McMurdo research station. Full Christmas banquets are soundtracked by the rustic charms of the local McMurdo Community Christmas Choir.

Hersheypark in Pennsylvania hosts a 2-week long Christmas event in July with plenty of Christmas lights, festive food, visits from Santa and music to match the less than snowy occasion.

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