Interview With Dougie Campbell Composer of Its Christmas Day

Kevin Yuleplay) 'It's A Christmas Day' is a fascinating Christmas project but for those who are unaware of it can you give us a brief background on how it all began?

Dougie Campbell) It all began when I was at school. There was a newspaper competition for a
Christmas song which I decided to enter. Needless to say I didn't win the competition but I decided to offer the song to my local primary school. The following Christmas the song, 'It's Christmas Day' was released as a single and it picked up a lot of airplay. It was really exciting to hear it on the radio. A few years ago I decided to make a video to go along with the song - purely out of curiosity to see what might happen. That year it was picked up by a mezzo soprano singer who performed it at her church in the US. The following year, over 500 choirs performed 'It's A Christmas Day' from St Helena Island to Antigua.

KY) With so many people doing their own version of the song all over the world how do you get the word out about it?

DC) The main area where people are finding out about the song is via YouTube where this year it has reached over 200,000 hits which is astounding. The other avenues where people might come across the song are the website, Facebook and twitter.


KY) What are your hopes for the project?

DC) The ultimate aim would be for a major recording artist to sing It's Christmas Day. That would definitely be a day to remember! However, I'm delighted at the number of people who've picked up on the song already and the hundreds of choirs who have been singing it year after year.

KY) Have there been any memorable versions of the song that have stood out from all the others?

DC) That's a really tricky question as there are so many versions that have different qualities. If I had to mention one I'd say Marri Nallos, because her version evokes a beautiful, yet different, feel to the song.

KY) At the moment it seems like the song can be downloaded for free from your website but do you have any plans to compile the best recordings for a future compilation?

DC) Yes, there are rehearsal and instrumental versions that are free on the website. I've not thought about producing a compilation but at the rate that people are performing It's Christmas Day I certainly wouldn't rule it out for the future.

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