Wriggle Your Retrobot To This Christmas Song

With lyrics such as ‘Beep Beep, Boop Boop, Badda Badda, Bap Bap, Beep Beep, Boop’ the mysterious beings Retrobot (who sound like Sagat of 'Funk That' fame) may have some trouble unseating Bing with their 80’s inspired ‘Christmas Robot’. But that’s not to say that the novelty song won’t make Christmas number one given the general jaded nature of a long line of X-Factor contestants grabbing the limelight. ‘Christmas Robot’ could send a fearful shiver down your spine or have you upturning the cupboard to find the robot in question who was last seen in 1989. We’ve got Mick Stock (of Stock, Aiken and Waterman fame) to thank for this number and some might argue that it’s the best thing he’s ever engineered.

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