Latin Jazz Christmas Songs

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Arbolito (Tito Puente, Celia Cruz)
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Oh Arbol de Navidad (Oh Christmas Tree) (Son de Tikizia)
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Jingle Bells (Arturo Sandoval)
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (Cuba L.A.)
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Christmas Without You (Paquito D'Rivera)
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Feliz Navidad (Bobby Rodriguez)
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Sleigh Ride (Caribbean Jazz Project)
Christmastime Is Here (Roberto Aymes)
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What Child Is This? (Chick Corea)
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You don’t have to be from Latin America, Cuba or Brazil to enjoy this hip swivelling playlist of Latin Jazz Christmas numbers because it is the perfect alternative to the worn old chestnuts that appear on the radio each December. While the sound is naturally affiliated with sunnier climes each of these songs pang for colder temperatures because ‘Sleigh Ride’s that take place on sand really is kind of cute but hardly rings true. Arturo Sandoval cares little for such matters anyway because his ‘Jingle Bells’ would be equally at home on the twirling dancefloor as the temperatures remain high even after the sun goes down. The Cuban trumpeter throws every conceivable musical shape into the mix so while you’ll still recognise the core of the melody this is one ‘Jingle Bells’ that comes complete with a brand new set of bells and whistles!

In such company ‘Feliz Navidad’ is a natural fit and while one might expect a Latin Jazz version of the song to flit about with gay abandon Bobby Rodriguez tailors his song to a classier and more distinguished audience who think twice before losing themselves in the music. This wonderful composition and the other wonderful Latin Jazz Christmas songs on this collection are a late night confection that might entice Santa himself from his sot filled endeavours.

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