An Orchestral Christmas

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Winter Wonderland (Boston Pops Orchestra)
Christmas Hymn (London Symphony Orchestra)
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Carol Of The Bells (New York Philharmonic)
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Christmas Fantastique (Moscow Symphony Orchestra)
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Christmas Waltzes (Boston Pops Orchestra)
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Christmas Carol Festival (Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra)
Jingle Bells (101 Strings Orchestra)
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The Holly And The Ivy (London Philharmonic Orchestra)
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Once In Royal David's City (The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra)
White Christmas (Arthur Fiedler)
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Twelve Days Of Christmas (New York Philharmonic)
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Sleigh Ride (Boston Pops Orchestra)
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If it’s sonic grandeur you’re after over the holidays then you’ve come to the right place as our excerpts from the greatest orchestra Christmas music ever usher you into the ballroom and under the sparkle of a giant chandelier. And no better place to start this round up than with the Boston Pops Orchestra who have been bringing joy to the world since 1885. With conductor Arthur Fiedler arranging proceeds the Pops make magic with their 1959 version of ‘Winter Wonderland’, further down this playlist you’ll also witness his gift as he turns ‘White Christmas’ into a string laden instrumental epic.

The great orchestra Christmas songs are not as confined to the main territories of the U.S. and Britain as you might expect. One only has to marvel at the Moscow Symphony Orchestra’s medley ‘Christmas Fantastique’ to appreciate that great orchestral music is being played and recorded all over the world. ‘Christmas Fantastique’ is a rollercoaster ride of festive favourites played in a bold and adventurous style (that somehow resembles the theme to ‘Star Wars’ on occasion) and directed by the renowned Konstantin Krimets. This is almost 10 minutes of supreme comfort and joy. Equally spontaneous is the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra’s ‘Christmas Carol Festival’, who add to the sense of levity by their neatly pressed Santa Claus attire.

We’ll end on a pastoral note as the London Philharmonic Orchestra make light of their task to turn the humble ‘The Holly and The Ivy’ into something approaching an ethereal experience. The softly dispatched choir add the necessary sparkle to a sound that is just aching to be included on the soundtrack of a yet unfilmed movie about the magic of Christmas.

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