Top 10 Classic Rap Christmas Songs

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Christmas Rappin' (Kurtis Blow)
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Christmas In Hollis (Run-D.M.C.)
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Christmas In The Ghetto (O.F.T.B.)
Christmas Rap (Treacherous 3)
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Cold Chillin' Christmas (Juice Crew)
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Rock The Bells (LL Cool J)
Merry Motherfucking Christmas (Eazy-E)
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Let The Jingle Bells Rock (Sweet Tee)
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Ghetto Santa (Spyder-D)
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Chillin' With Santa (Derek B)
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With a penchant for street wise humour and telling it as it is rap was always going to give Christmas music a brash new direction. And our list of the top rap Christmas songs should provide you with a solid introduction into what the genre has to offer for yuletide. Of the tunes on offer it is perhaps Run-D.M.C.’s ‘Christmas In Hollis’ that has most perforated a mainstream audience. The song appeared on a charity album called ‘A Very Special Christmas’ in 1989 and its inclusion on the original ‘Die Hard’ movie the previous year also helped in getting it in the public eye. Juice Crew’s ‘Cold Chillin’ Christmas’ appeared the year before in 1988 and boasted a bounty of hip-hop artists from Queens, NYC. And the contributors certainly gave the song an energetic bounce with a beatbox that screams a full-on classic sound. And they don’t get more classic than LL Cool J ‘Rock The Bells’ which naturally packs plenty of opinionation. Released in 1985 it was only LL Cool J’s third single but marked him out as a star in the making.

Sweet Tee may be the only femaile rapper on this playlist but how she leaves an indelible mark. Her ‘Let The Jingle Bells Rock’ appeared as the b-side on the original release of Run-D.M.C.’s ‘Christmas in Hollis’ and there is some symmetry between the tracks. For ‘Let The Jingle Bells Rock’ Sweet Tee sampled a 1971 track from Funk, Inc. called ‘Kool Is Back’ and with her breezy vocals throughout this was always going to make for a memorable Christmas rap song.

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